Want to Barcelona, ​​Coutinho refuse to play in the Champions League

Want to Barcelona, ​​Coutinho refuse to play in the Champions League

Philippe Coutinho reportedly has a surefire way to immediately sell Liverpool to Barcelona Bandar Bola. The Brazilian midfielder will go on strike in the Champions League this season.

Though the name Coutinho registered the Reds to navigate all the competition this season. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is hoping Coutinho can give his maximum ability after failing to move in the summer transfer market.

But Klopp’s hopes seem to be hard to come true. The reason, Coutinho very disappointed and sad not to move to Barcelona.

That’s why he hopes Barcelona can menawarnya again in the transfer market next winter. If the transfer was a success, then Coutinho was hoping to defend Barcelona in the autumn phase of the Champions League.

Coutinho’s move to Barcelona came close this summer. But Liverpool finally raise the price to 200 million euros and make Barcelona surrender.

Coutinho plotted Barcelona to become Neymar’s successor away. But the failure was redeemed by buying Barcelona Paulinho and Ousmane Dembele.

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