Persib Beware The Former Persela

Persib Beware The Former Persela

Duel Persib Bandung face Persela Lamongan held at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Ocean, Bandung, Wednesday (12/7/2017) became a meeting arena of the former courtier Maung Bandung who is now uniformed Laskar Joko Tingkir.

Samsul Arif, M. Agung Pribadi, Aang Suparman and Eka Ramdhani become the names that are quite familiar for Persib. Now, they successfully make Persela position is ranked one above Persib despite having the same points.

Persib Bandung defender, Supardi wary of a row of former Persib players. According to him, they have the motivation to multiply to prove themselves.

“The opponents of the former team certainly have more motivation, there is a desire to show that the team has been wrong to throw them away, that’s so rich, but here also the team is also determined that we deserve to play,” he said.

However, Supardi sure if his team can achieve victory because Persib performance is on the rise.

“They may run out winning more mentally, but we with the defeat yesterday not too (down) because in the game everyone knows our team is on the rise and even make us motivated and important for us to win tomorrow,” he said. *

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