Higuain Print Hattrick For Juventus

Higuain Print Hattrick For Juventus

Although he was crossed out of the Argentina squad, Gonzalo Higuain immediately showed his class with Juventus after he incised a hat trick when Chieri herbalist with a score of 5-0 in a friendly match, early this morning.

Where, Higuain is not called Argentina who appeared in two World Cup 2018 qualifying match. And it seems that Argentina terbcam failed to qualify for the World Cup after only able to draw 0-0 over Uruguay and 1-1 cons Venezuela.

And according to local media, Higuain made Argentina regret for not calling it. The reason, this 29-year-old pengaoin successfully donate three goals when his team beat Chieri.

Chieri cons match itself to be a warm-up game ahead of Juve duel cons Chievo Verona this weekend. They will Chievo at Juventus Stadium on Saturday setempoat time.

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