Heavy Duty Fachruddin, The Captain Anyar Indonesia

Heavy Duty Fachruddin, The Captain Anyar Indonesia

Indonesian national team coach Luis Milla appointed Madura United defender Fachruddin Aryanto as captain of Red and White Team in the game against Cambodia on Wednesday (4/10).

Boaz Salossa not called him in an international trial which is scheduled to take place at the Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium, making the Indonesian national team coach pointed to the name of Fachruddin Aryanto as a new captain.

Surely this task is not easy for penggawa Madura United. This moment as well as a new experience for him to remember if later he really became the captain will be the first opportunity to play as a leader in the Indonesian national team.

The 29-year-old admits to being happy if he is trusted by coach Luis Milla to defend the Red and White Team. But about the captain, he did not want to talk much. He just told his colleagues promised to give the best for the people of Indonesia.

“My captain’s problem has not been much commented. That must be solid so we can achieve victory, “he said.

Fachruddin is rated as the most suitable player to replace Boaz. This role at once will be something new for Fachruddin with Indonesian national team.

“About the strategy I already know let alone several times I’ve joined TC with Milla. The point I want to give the best results, “he added.

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