Game Fight Borneo FC Postponed, Persib Loss Approximately USD 140 Million

Game Fight Borneo FC Postponed, Persib Loss Approximately USD 140 Million

Persib Bandung loses hundreds of millions of rupiah. Postponement of the away match Pusamania Borneo FC so the cause Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Action should be held on Saturday (16/09/2017). Persib team scheduled to go on Thursday (14/09/2017) yesterday failed to leave. Airplane tickets already purchased were charred.

Manager Persib, Umuh Muchtar, disappointed about it. Because, notification of schedule delay is very abrupt.

“Actually, unfortunately the notification is suddenly, people are already on the way to go, there will be a notification, and if the management receives the letter, it will be received by Thursday at 12.00 pm Ticket is booked, the hotel has been prepared,” said Umuh, Thursday.

Umuh also demanded league operators to compensate for the loss. Umuh not get the exact number of losses suffered Persib.

However, according to his estimates, Persib loss of about Rp 140 million.

“I will ask PT LIB about the loss, losses below Rp 100 million (for airfare), but if all goes home I estimated Rp 140 million,” he said.

Persib team secretary, Yudiana, said, Persib has ordered more than 25 air tickets for the players, coaching staff, and officials.

He also ensures that tickets that have been ordered can not be returned.

“If the plane ticket is charred, it can not be refunded, if the Discipline Commission decision like that is okay, but if the hotel reservation is lucky we can cancel because we have not given down payment (DP) For total loss we can not announce , “he said.

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