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Rooney Curious with Fake Breast Cheating

Rooney Curious with Fake Breast Cheating

Still remember with Laura Simpson, a sex worker commercial (PSK) who became an affair Everton striker, Wayne Rooney? Laura had just told Rooney’s mischievous behavior while teasing her Agen Bola Terpercaya.

On September 1, 2017, Rooney was arrested by police for driving under the influence of alcohol. At that time, Rooney was going to Laura’s house to make love. The two met at the Alderley Edge nightclub.

The Everton striker is very crazy about Laura. Moreover, Laura has a fashionable appearance. This affair happened last week, when Rooney’s wife, Coleen was on vacation.

“I arrived at the bar around 10 pm He (Rooney) introduced himself with his partner and we sat down, chatted to laugh together,” Laura said, as reported by The Sun.

Fun to talk, Laura was surprised by the flirtatious behavior of the 32-year-old striker. Rooney wants to hold the 29-year-old PSK’s breasts.

“He admired my breasts and asked for his size, and then Rooney said: ‘I want to touch it with my own hand.’ I laughed at that, he was flirtatious and I did not tell him if my breasts were fake, “he said.

Sell ​​Cars

Wayne Rooney

Furthermore, after being arrested by the police with the police, Laura continues to get cynical treatment from the people around her. In fact, he intends to sell his personal car.

The car in question is the car the police arrested when Laura was taken with Rooney. The car is VW Beetle type.

“I need a new car, I’m always scorned, even the latest, a man with his wife in a white van berates me at a traffic light,” he chirped on Twitter.