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The European Super Cup, Mourinho’s unbeaten title

The European Super Cup, Mourinho’s unbeaten title

A total of 25 prestigious titles emblazoned in the biography of Jose Mourinho (54) as a coach.

However, there is a gap that has not been filled in the arrangement of trophy Mourinho, the European Super Cup.

Counted, since menukangi FC Porto in 2002, Mourinho always managed to donate titles in every club that he train.

The title of English Premier League, Italian League, Spanish League, until Champions League and Europa League successfully achieved.

Therefore, it may be quite surprising when there is no European Super Cup trophy that “stopped in the closet” Mourinho personal title throughout his career.

Previously, the opportunity to win another event named Mou UEFA Super Cup was presented twice, namely in 2003 and 2013.

However, it all leads to failure.

The Portuguese lead FC Porto, the defending UEFA Cup champion, in the 2003 European Super Cup against AC Milan.

At that time Deco cs 0-1 defeat by a decisive goal Andriy Shevchenko.

Sedekade intermittent, Mourinho had a chance to win the UEFA Super Cup 2013 with Chelsea.

The Blues as holders of Europa League title against Bayern Munich champions Champions League.

Not destined, Mou forces surrendered on penalties after undergoing extra time round with a score of 2-2 a lot.

As a result, the party against Real Madrid at Philip II Arena, Skopje, Tuesday (08/08/2017), would be a chance to target the Mourinho’s inaugural trophy of the European Super Cup.

The unique thing is Mourinho regained his team lead, Manchester United, in this stage as defending champions Europa League.

“I see Real Madrid as it is, as a great club and a European champion, which motivates us to improve against them,” said Mourinho, Marca quoted