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Dr. Soegiri Hospital Doctor explanation about the death of Choirul Huda

Dr. Soegiri Hospital Doctor explanation about the death of Choirul Huda

Persela Lamongan goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, died after collapsing from collision with team mate Ramon Rodrigues and Semen Padang striker Marcel Sacramento on Sunday (15/10/2017).

When bringing Persela 2-0 win against Semen Padang, Huda was unconscious because of involvement and must be replaced in the 45th minute.

Huda was then given a breathing apparatus from an oxygen cylinder.

After that, the player who defended Persela Lamongan since 1999 was transported by ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

Got handling the RS, 38-year-old goalie was then declared dead.

Related to the incident, the side of RSUD dr Soegiri Lamongan, ie doctor Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, Anastesi Specialist (Head of Emergency Installation Unit), gave an explanation.

According to the examination, Huda suffered a traumatic impact resulting in stopping breathing and cardiac arrest.

“Choirul Huda suffered a traumatic collision with his fellow players resulting in what we call stop breathing and cardiac arrest.” By medical buddies at the stadium have handled the liberation of the airway with the help of his breath, then Huda was referred to the emergency department of Dr. Soegiri Hospital. , Huda is also handled medically for breathing as well as for the handling of cardiac arrest, “Yudistrio Andri said on Sunday.

He explained, the RS then do the installation of respiratory aids against Choirul Huda.

“Upon arriving at the emergency room, Huda is handled immediately, we install a permanent breathing apparatus, we incubate by installing a kind of breathing apparatus that ensures that oxygen can be 100 percent into the lungs, so we expect our pumps brain the same heart, “he said.

Doctor Yudistrio said, after being handled, there was a response from Choirul Huda, but then declined.

“There was a response from Choirul Huda with the reddening of the skin, but the condition continued to deteriorate, and the heart and brain pump was performed for an hour of no response, no reflexes of normal life, and then declared Huda dead at 4:45 pm We are desperate to restore the vital function of Choirul Huda’s body, “he said.

“According to the initial analysis of the collision is in the chest and lower jaws.There is the possibility of chest trauma, head trauma, and neck trauma.Inside the bone of the neck there is a bone marrow that connects the brain stem.In the brainstem, there are centers of all vital organs, heart rate, and breath, “he said.

Persib Vs Barito Putera, Jacksen Prepare the Best Squad

Persib Vs Barito Putera, Jacksen Prepare the Best Squad

Barito Putra set up the best team to face Persib Bandung in the follow-up League 1 2017 at Starling Harupat Stadium, Bandung regency, Monday (9/10/2017).

Barito Putra coach Jacksen F Tiago said his team had been prepared almost a week after battling Borneo FC.

“Hopefully what has been planned to face Persib is going well, we will try our best to achieve positive results,” said Jacksen at a press conference ahead of the match at Graha Persib on Sunday (8/10/2017).

“What is clear is the best team that will win,” he said.

The Brazilian coach said, the main target is to put Barito in fifth position at the end of the season.

According to Jacksen, the game counter Persib one of the process to pursue the target.

He admitted, not easy to face Maung Bandung in his cage.

His team feels disadvantaged even though the hosts will perform without Ahmad Jufriyanto (Jupe) and Febri Hariyadi.

“This is not the first time these two players are absent.If Jupe is absent, there are about two or three players who could be a substitute,” said Jacksen.

“Febri also so.For 11 opponents 11 remain the same, Persib Persib remain,” he said.

Jacksen said four Barito players could not perform due to injury, namely Ambrizal, Amirudin, Valentino Telaubun, and Syahroni.

However, other players are ready to fight in the headquarters Persib Bandung.

“We have 30 players so anyone who plays it is the best,” he said.

“The coach team believes they can do a good job,” said Jacksen.

Heavy Duty Fachruddin, The Captain Anyar Indonesia

Heavy Duty Fachruddin, The Captain Anyar Indonesia

Indonesian national team coach Luis Milla appointed Madura United defender Fachruddin Aryanto as captain of Red and White Team in the game against Cambodia on Wednesday (4/10).

Boaz Salossa not called him in an international trial which is scheduled to take place at the Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium, making the Indonesian national team coach pointed to the name of Fachruddin Aryanto as a new captain.

Surely this task is not easy for penggawa Madura United. This moment as well as a new experience for him to remember if later he really became the captain will be the first opportunity to play as a leader in the Indonesian national team.

The 29-year-old admits to being happy if he is trusted by coach Luis Milla to defend the Red and White Team. But about the captain, he did not want to talk much. He just told his colleagues promised to give the best for the people of Indonesia.

“My captain’s problem has not been much commented. That must be solid so we can achieve victory, “he said.

Fachruddin is rated as the most suitable player to replace Boaz. This role at once will be something new for Fachruddin with Indonesian national team.

“About the strategy I already know let alone several times I’ve joined TC with Milla. The point I want to give the best results, “he added.

Game Fight Borneo FC Postponed, Persib Loss Approximately USD 140 Million

Game Fight Borneo FC Postponed, Persib Loss Approximately USD 140 Million

Persib Bandung loses hundreds of millions of rupiah. Postponement of the away match Pusamania Borneo FC so the cause Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Action should be held on Saturday (16/09/2017). Persib team scheduled to go on Thursday (14/09/2017) yesterday failed to leave. Airplane tickets already purchased were charred.

Manager Persib, Umuh Muchtar, disappointed about it. Because, notification of schedule delay is very abrupt.

“Actually, unfortunately the notification is suddenly, people are already on the way to go, there will be a notification, and if the management receives the letter, it will be received by Thursday at 12.00 pm Ticket is booked, the hotel has been prepared,” said Umuh, Thursday.

Umuh also demanded league operators to compensate for the loss. Umuh not get the exact number of losses suffered Persib.

However, according to his estimates, Persib loss of about Rp 140 million.

“I will ask PT LIB about the loss, losses below Rp 100 million (for airfare), but if all goes home I estimated Rp 140 million,” he said.

Persib team secretary, Yudiana, said, Persib has ordered more than 25 air tickets for the players, coaching staff, and officials.

He also ensures that tickets that have been ordered can not be returned.

“If the plane ticket is charred, it can not be refunded, if the Discipline Commission decision like that is okay, but if the hotel reservation is lucky we can cancel because we have not given down payment (DP) For total loss we can not announce , “he said.

Many Attackers Absent Opponents Persija, Coach Persela Pening

Many Attackers Absent Opponents Persija, Coach Persela Pening

In the next game in League 1, Persela Lamongan scheduled to be live action away to the headquarters of Persija Jakarta, Sunday (27/08/2017) night Agen Judi Bola. Persela coach, Herry Kiswanto alias Herkis, admitted dizzy prepare the team for the game.

That’s because Ivan Carlos had just been sentenced to rest two months due to injury. Similarly, Ahmad Nur Hardianto, who has not known when will return to practice.

Condition is compounded, since Muhammad Fahmi Al Ayubi and Samsul Arifin absent for punishment accumulated cards. Jose Coelho also went home to mourning.

“Maybe we will multiply the players in midfield because all the Persija line is alive. However, I am still looking for players according to the scheme and the most prepared, “said Herkis as reported on the club’s official website.

Special front lines who have lost a lot of players, Herkis also try to include young striker Milky Nizard Nandaka entourage Persela team this time. In fact, Bima has not once felt the minute to play with Laskar Joko Tingkir team so far.

“I’m monitoring Bima. While there is time, I hope Bima shows his ability in training, “he said.

The other players are brought face Persija of them, Choirul Huda, Ferdinand, Muhammad Zainal Haq, Aang Supaman, Taufiq Kasrun, Ramon Rodrigues de Mesquita, Rio Valentino Pratama, Eki Taufik Ahmad Birrul Walidain, Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida, the Supreme Person, Eka Ramdani , Juan Revi, Zainal Arifin, Sandi Septian, Edi Gunawan, and Samsul Arif.

Although many of the attackers lost in the game, Herkis has not confirmed whether he will display the pattern of the game survive or stay open. So is the scheme.

“All possibilities could happen. Use a 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, or 3-4-3 scheme depending on the situation. I am still tweaking, “he said.

SEA Games Schedule This Afternoon, Game Determination Timnas Indonesia Vs Cambodia

SEA Games Schedule This Afternoon, Game Determination Timnas Indonesia Vs Cambodia

Indonesia U-22 national team will play decisive action against the Cambodian national team in the final match of Group B SEA Games 2017, Thursday (24/08/2017) night.

The Indonesia vs Cambodia national team match will be broadcast live on TVRI and SCTV at 15.00 WIB.

Indonesia needs to win by a margin of three goals over Cambodia to ensure tickets pass to the semi-finals. It is assumed that Thailand and Vietnam are clashing together at the same time reach for a draw.

Another case if the game Thailand vs Vietnam won one team. Indonesia won enough with any score to qualify.

Currently, the top of the table is filled by Vietnam with 10 points with goal difference advantage (12-1) over Thailand (7-1). Indonesia trailing under them with a collection of 8 points with a surplus of four goals.

In addition to Indonesia vs Cambodia national team matches in the SEA Games, there are also League 1 and League 2 broadcast live by the television station the country.

The league match between PSCS Cilacap and Persip Pekalongan will be aired at 15.00 WIB on TVOne. In the afternoon, at 6:30 pm, there is a League 1 Semen Padang vs Bali United match.

Jamu Persiba, Persija Shown with Full Strength

Jamu Persiba, Persija Shown with Full Strength

Coach Persija Jakarta Stefano Cugurra Teco ensure his team will perform with the best skuat when hosted Persiba Balikpapan in the 19th week of League 1 at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (12/08/2017) afternoon local time.

This is after seven players who previously absent Persija ready to re-strengthen the team. “We just came back from Barito and went straight to the practice, the condition is better than when we face Barito without seven players.The match tomorrow will be more complete against Balikpapan,” Teco said in a press conference at Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium on Friday (11/08/2017) Afternoon, as quoted from Antara.

According to him, the only player who is now still monitored his recovery after an injury in the previous game is Rhohit Chand. “Rhohit has not been able to play before, after arriving in Jakarta he started training already looks good, today we practice again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Persija player Mikael Orah says every player has a target win on tomorrow’s game. “All players will support each other, the whole match is final for us,” he said.

The same thing is also expressed Coach Persiba Balikpapan, Haryadi. He said the squad is ready to look up to face Persija. “We are all ready to perform because the players are in good condition,” he said.

According to him, Persija supporters pressure is not an obstacle as long as the players appear to focus on stealing chances. “The team is ready to steal points on away this time, the player remains focused to get points,” he added.

In the game later, Persiba can not be strengthened Frenky Tornado. “Frenky is not ready to appear because of the accumulation of cards he received in previous matches,” said Hariyadi.

Persib Beware The Former Persela

Persib Beware The Former Persela

Duel Persib Bandung face Persela Lamongan held at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Ocean, Bandung, Wednesday (12/7/2017) became a meeting arena of the former courtier Maung Bandung who is now uniformed Laskar Joko Tingkir.

Samsul Arif, M. Agung Pribadi, Aang Suparman and Eka Ramdhani become the names that are quite familiar for Persib. Now, they successfully make Persela position is ranked one above Persib despite having the same points.

Persib Bandung defender, Supardi wary of a row of former Persib players. According to him, they have the motivation to multiply to prove themselves.

“The opponents of the former team certainly have more motivation, there is a desire to show that the team has been wrong to throw them away, that’s so rich, but here also the team is also determined that we deserve to play,” he said.

However, Supardi sure if his team can achieve victory because Persib performance is on the rise.

“They may run out winning more mentally, but we with the defeat yesterday not too (down) because in the game everyone knows our team is on the rise and even make us motivated and important for us to win tomorrow,” he said. *

League Standings 1: Arema Threatens PSM

League Standings 1: Arema Threatens PSM
Week 13 League 1 2017 has played two matches yesterday, Friday (7/7/2017). Two home teams both managed to achieve full points yesterday Sbobet Casino Terpercaya.

Arema FC successfully tame Sriwijaya FC 3-2. Had left behind 1-2, Arema able to reverse the situation thanks to the glorious performance of Dendi Santoso who scored two goals.

Sriwijaya victory over this makes Arema pushed to the position of two league standings Singo Edan collected 22 points, they displace Madura United with goal difference advantage.

Sriwijaya itself down to 15th position. Beto Goncalves cs just got 14 points from 12 games.

Meanwhile, in the other match Mitra Kukar 1-0 win over Semen Padang. South Korean player Oh In-Kyun becomes a hero with his mere goal.

This additional three digits make Mitra Kukar occupies the position of six league 1 standings with 21 points. As for Semen Padang slumped at position 13 with 17 points.