Audi Cup: Ancelotti Anxious Look at Munchen Perfroma

Audi Cup: Ancelotti Anxious Look at Munchen Perfroma

Bayern Munich coach, Carlo Ancelotti, admitted worried about the appearance of foster children who continue to get bad results during this preseason.

Bayern Munich took a bitter pill after a 0-3 defeat of Liverpool in the Audi Cup held at the Allianz Stadium. The defeat was to make the fans began to worry about the performance of Bayern Munich.

In the game, Bayern Munich failed to show the balance of the game after conceded through a counterattack process. Carlo Ancelotti realizes that his squad should immediately clean up despite saying that his team is not in the best condition.

“We’re starting to worry, it’s a tough game, I feel it’s natural because we just came back from China, I’m still confident that we will soon be back to the best form.”

“Liverpool play very well and can take advantage of opportunities through counter-attack We have no balance when attacking and defending,” said Ancelotti.

Three goals that lodged into Bayern Munich’s goal to make the club has conceded 12 goals from five pre-season match that they have lived. It is also a matter to be fixed by Ancelotti.

“We conceded too much, almost all the goals were born from the backlash process,” said the Italian.

The defeat received Bayern Munich make them will undergo a race struggle for third place against Napoli. The match will still be held at the Allianz Arena on 2 August 2017.

Source: ESPN FC

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